My Amsterdam adventure


Hi everybody,


So last week I went to Amsterdam. We went with the whole art class and we had a lot of fun.


We left at 9 am with the bus. After a two hour ride we arrived in Amsterdam. We walked to the Rijksmuseum. The Rijksmuseum is  a museum with a lot of old paintings from the Netherlands.  Our art class had a guided tour, because we have our exams this year and we had to see some important paintings like the Nachtwacht. I really liked it because I like the old art more than the modern art. I really liked the Nachtwacht from Rembrandt. The museum was very interesting, but we didn’t had a lot of time so I couldn’t see everything.
After the Rijksmuseum we had time to eat. Yvonne, Berend and I took some pictures and we had a lot of fun. Then we went to the Stedelijk Museum. It is a museum about modern art. We had a assignment about what the artist meant with his painting. I didn’t liked it because there were a lot of beautiful paintings in the museum but we didn’t saw them and the other group did so that was a pity.

When we were done in the Stedelijk Museum we walked trough Amsterdam. The teachers didn’t knew where to go, because we  were a little bit lost. But in the end we found our way and it was a nice walk. I had a lot of fun and it was really cheerful.

When we arrived at the dam we had time to shop and eat. I went with Yvonne and Berend. We first went shopping because else the stores would be closed and we don’t want that. So I bought a present for my mum because her birthday was last Monday. I bought her something from lush and she really liked it. After the shopping we went to the Mc Donalds. Then we walked back to the Leidseplein where we met the others. I shopped really quickly on our way back. I bought a new black jeans because I wanted another one to work in. I have to work in a black pants.


When everybody arrived we went to a theatre. We saw Mogadishu and it was about racism and group pressure. It was nice but it was too long. They were smoking on the stage and I sat in the front so I smelled it and I have asthma so it wasn’t very healthy.


Finally we went home and we arrived at 1 o’clock . My mother picked me up and I finally went to bed.


So this was my Amsterdam adventure. I hope you liked reading it. The pictures were taken by Yvonne. I really love them so thank you Yvonne.


Lots of love,



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