My travel bucketlist

Hi everyone,

You probably guessed it but today I will tell you my travel bucketlist:


1.       America, I really want to go to New York but I want to see a lot of cities like Chicago and LA.


2.       Norway, the nature is beautiful and the country is amazing.

3.       United Kingdom, I already went to London once but I really would like to go back because I had so much fun!


4.       Italy, I would like to go to Rome and Venice because it looks so pretty and the history of Rome is very interesting. I want to go to the colosseum and eat some incredible dishes and eat a lot of ice cream.

5.       France, I already went to Paris twice but the city is so pretty and I really would like to go there with my friends. I really want to go to the top of the Eifel tower.


6.        Canada, the nature in Canada is so pretty and I really want to go there and take beautiful pictures from the nature.


7.       Germany, I want to see the Berlin Wall because the history is very important and you shop very well in Berlin.


8.       Australia, it is on the other side of the world but I really want to go there once because it is a beautiful country and the nature is amazing.


9.       Ireland, I want to go to Ireland because the nature is beautiful.


10.   Austria, I went there already a lot but it such a beautiful country. I really like to hike in the mountains because it is really peaceful there.


So that are the countries I really want to visit once or again. I really love the nature because when you are in the mountains it is nice and quiet. I hope I can visit those countries and take beautiful pictures so I will remember them forever. I want to visit a lot more cities and countries but this is my top ten. Hopefully I get the chance once to travel all around the world.
Lots of love,



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