Get into the christmas spirit

Hi everybody,

I got into the christmas spirit and I am going to give you some inspiration to cheer up your room for christmas time. I will also show you how I get into the christmas spirit.

You can put some flowers in your bedroom. It smells really good (unless they are fake)

Put some candles in your room. It is really cozy and it looks really nice in your room. If you want your room to smell nice you can put some sented candles in your room and it will smell amazing. I absolutely love it when I am tired and when I am done with my homework.

When you recieve your christmas cards you can hang them in your room. I hang them on my door and I also hang my birthday cards on my door because they remind me to people and I think it looks really cute.

This is my cute door hanger from Disney World. I absolutely love it and it is super cute. It really brings me into the christmas spirit.

I saw these socks in the store and I had to have them. They are so worm and cozy. They really bring me into the christmas spirit while I am drinking my hot chocolate.

The best way to get into the christmas spirit are christmas songs. These are my faves:

These are the things that bring me into the christmas spirit.
I haven’t put my christmas tree up yet but I will show you my tree when we have one. I can do a christas diary if you like that. Please let me know if you want that.

Lots of love,



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