Hello everybody,

Today it is December the fifth and in the Netherlands that means Sinterklaas. It is a celebration for children. It looks a little bit on christmas but it is really different.
Sinterklaas is a man and he rides on a horse and gives children gifts because they were good this year. Sinterklaas has pieten and they bring the gifts. They come trough the fireplace or the door and the children have to sing. They put their shoes in front of the door with some fruit for the horse. When they wake up there is a little present in their shoes. On December the fifth it is pakjesavond or gifts evening. The pieten bring a bag filled with presents and the children open them and are really happy.

Because me and my brother don’t believe in sinterklaas anymore we do surprise. You buy a gift and you make something around it with a poem. I was a little bit late with making my surprise for my brother so I bought some Red bull and some Doritos and I put them in a box filled with paper so he had to grab in the box and find his presents.

After the surprise we filled a bag with presents and gave that to each other. That part looks like christmas. My mum made us choose and we rather get our presents with sinterklaas then with christmas. With christmas we just go to our family and have a really nice time together.

I got this year a beautiful eyeshadow palet from Only You and it has a lot of eye shadows and some lip glosses and a few blushes. There are also two eye pencils included. But I will show you that really soon. I also got shampoo and conditioner from Herbal Essences. I will also show that in a review. Further I got a hair donut, tights with polka dots on it and I got candles with a cookie scent.

I am really happy with all my presents and I am sorry if my English wasn’t correct. I will put some reviews on the blog soon and if you have any requests please comment below.

Lots of love,



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