Only You medium make up Palette

Hi everybody,

Today I am going to write my first review about the Only You medium make up palette.
I got this from my mother for Sinterklaas and I really love it.

This is how it looks like from the outside. I think the design is really cute and I really like that you can see the eye shadow trough the box.

These are the eye shadows. On the left side there are more neutural and some dark colours and on the right there are a lot of bright and colourful colours.

When you open the box you see the lip glosses in al lot of different shades. You can match your eyes with your lips.

When you’re done with your lips you can slide it even further open. There¬† you have the blushes and two eye pencils. You get a brown one and a black one. So now you have all the tools to make a perfect look for a party or just for school.

This is the palette when you open it completely.


And these are some closeups from the beautiful colours.

I am really happy with it and the eyeshadows are really pigmented. I don’t like the brushes but that is logic and I just use my own brushes.

It wasn’t really expensive. I think it costs 15 euros but I am not sure because my mother bought it for me. It isn’t expensive for a palette this big and if you have to buy all these colours yourself it costs a lot more.

I hope you liked this review.

Lots of love,



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