Shoplog Primark

Hi everybody,

So a few weeks back I went to the Primark in Eindhoven and I really want to show you what I bought.

I saw this dress and I had to have it. I think it is super cute for a christmas dinner or when we go to our family. I really like that it is red because I didn’t had a red dress and I think it is really cute. The picture doesn’t show the red really well but there will be other pictures soon.

This is a super cute blue blouse and you can wear it with everything. You can wear it in a skirt or on a skinny jeans but you can also wear it in the summer when it is really hot outside but you still want something to cover you up. It is really cute and I really like the colour, because I really like this colour blue and I really like that you can roll up the sleeves.  

This micky sweater is so cool. It is a little bit overseized but in the winter time that is really nice and I really like that is just white and grey so it isn’t too much disney but still cute to wear to school or in the weekends when you just don’t want to do anything.

Then my cosy socks. You already saw them in my get into the christmas spirit blog but I absolutely love them. They are so worm and fluffy. The print is also really cute and really brings me in the mood for the winter time. I wear them all the time when I come home from school and if you need some socks you should definitely get them.

I relly love these shoes. I really like that they are all the same material because sometimes the heel is from another material and I think this just looks a little bit more nice. I really like the colour because you can wear it with everything and I think I will wear them with my red dress with christmas.

I still needed some really cheap black shoes and I found them. These fake Vans are really comfy and I wear them to work and I like to wear black shoes underneath a skirt or shirt because I just like black shoes with some black tights. I wear my other shoes also with tights but I just this looks just nicer.

That is it for my shoplog. I really want to go back and buy some other things but there were way too many people but I will go shopping soon so if you like another shoplog please leave a comment. I hope you enjoyed it and I will see you next time.

Lots of love,



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