Home alone

Hi everybody,

It is our family tradition to watch home alone and this year I watched it with my brother so I tought I would share it with you.

If you have never seen home alone you  absolutely have to watch it. It is about a boy who is left home alone and Kevin tricks the thiefs. Then it is christmas and Kevins parents get home. He realised that he really missed them and that he doesn’t want to be alone on christmas.
It is a really funny family movie and it is our christmas tradition to watch them together. There is also a part two, three, four and five but I think part one and two with the origional Kevin are the best because the other ones get a little bit fake.

I think everybody has seen the movie but I tought it would be fun to tell you what I tought about the movie. Let me know what you think about the movie and which part is your favourite.

Lots of love,



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