Kruidvat Festive Cookies candles review

Hi everybody,

Today I will be doing a review about the festive cookies candles from Kruidvat. If you don’t live in the Netherlands Kruidvat is a drugstore. I bought them last month so I don’t think they still sell them but I tought it would be nice to tell you about it because in other stores they will have candles like this.

This how they look like. There is another row of candles but I already used those so this looked better on the picture. There are 36 candles and I really like them. They smell really good. They don’t burn really long just 3 hours but they aren’t really big so that is kind of normal.

I really like these candles and I think it is a pity that they are so small and I would love to have a bigger one of them but there are 36 candles in one package so you can use them for a long time. They don’t smell very strong but I don’t think you want that but it is really nice to walk into your room and it smells like you baked cookies.

I think these candles are really nice but they should be bigger and I think it is a pity that they don’t sell them all the time. I don’t know how much they cost but probably between the one and two euro so they aren’t expensive. I really like them and I hope you liked this post.

Lots of love,



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