Hi everybody,

I wish you all a happy 2014 and I hope it will be amazing. I am really thankfull that you read my blog because that motivates me to do my best and to write blogposts. The sweet comments that I get are amazing and it drives me to make even better posts.
I have a few new year resolutions and I tought it would be nice to share them with you. I want to keep sporting because I this year I really got into the running and I really want to continue that so my condition will be better. I also want to do some different sports. I recentely went mountainbiking with my father and I really liked that and it was nice to spend extra time with my dad.
I also want to continue my blogging. I really want to improve the quality of my blog and post more fashion posts. Maybe I want to start vlogging but I am not sure how and about what jet so that will be interesting this year.
I also really want to graduate from the havo. I want to get my diploma and just be done for now. I have my basis and I can do whatever I want to do after that.
My last resolution is enjoy the moment and try new things because sometimes I don’t do enough and don’t enjoy as much as I could and I really want to do that in 2014. I am really excited to do new things and enoy even more.

I really wish you a lot of luck in 2014 and I hope that your new year resolutions come true. I hope this will be an amzing year and for me the first page of my 2014 book is finished.

Lots of love,



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