Wall of cards, DIY

Hi everybody,

Today I have a DIY post for you. After christmas or my birthday I always have a lot of cards and I don’t want to throw them away, but I must put them somewhere because else I lose them or my room gets a big mess. So since I was a kid we used to hang them up on our door in the livingroom. Now we don’t really do that anymore but now I hang them at my door from my bedroom so I see them when I leave my room.

 This is how it will look like. I really like it because it is really colourful and I really like to look at the older cards and remember the persons who wrote them.

You will need some cards and tape. If you want to you van also use a scissor but that doesn’t have to. You can also use masking tape, so it looks even more colourful.

All you have to do is take your cards and tape and apply them to the wall or door. You can go crazy with this, because you can do it witch pictures or your favourite quotes. I want to try it with quotes and pictures together and make a timeline of my life, so maybe you will see that soon.

I hope you got some inspiration from it and please show me when you tried this yourself.

Lots of love,



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