Kruidvat Sensitive Cleansing

Hi everybody,

Today i will tell you about the cleansing line from Kruidvat. I use this a lot and I hope you like it.

That are the three products that I will tell you about. It is a tonic, lotion and some wipes. I am sorry for the quality of the photo’s because I on the computer they look really nice but now on the blog they look weird and I don’t know why so I apologize. I really like the pacaging, because it is pink and I really like that they aren’t round so they don’t take a lot of space.

This is the cleansing tonic and I really like it. It cleans my face really well and it removes all my make-up. You can also use it to clean your eyes, because it is really gentle so it doesn’t hurts at all. I really like it.

This is the cleansing lotion and I don’t like this one as much as the tonic but I like to use it in the morning because I use my srub in the evening and sometimes I use this with the cleaning wipes. So I put this on my face and remove it with the wipes.

And the last one are the cleansing wipes. Sorry that this picture is smaller then the other ones but with blogger I can’t always make my pictures bigger or smaller. Do you also have that? Back to the product. I really like them to remove my make-up because they get it off really well but I wouldn’t use it on the eyes, because that can irritate, especially when you’re wearing a lot of mascara and eyeliner. There are 25 in one packaging so you can use them for about a month if you use them every day. It is only a pity that the strip doesn’t stick very well when you used it for 10 times. It will get open and it can dry them out.

I am really sorry for this messy post, but I can’t make them all bigger and I tought I just make them all smaller but the pictures that I made bigger, won’t get smaller. So I have some difficulties with blogger.

But I really like this line from Kruidvat and they are really cheap so if you’re looking for a nice cleanser and you live in the Netherlands I reconmend these.

Lots of love,



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