10 things that make me happy

Hi everybody,

I saw this post on http://www.teskuh.nl/2014/01/17/nog-een-blije-lijst/ and I really liked it so I tought I tell you 10 things that make me happy.

1. Music. I love to listen to the music or play on the piano. When I feel a little bit down I just put on my favourite music and sing. It really makes me happy. I also love to play the piano. I should play it more often but when I play it makes me really happy. Music is my life!

2. Friends. My friends always make me laugh. When I feel down or have some troubles they always support me and we help each other. We laugh a lot and we try to do a lot of fun things together.

3. Sport. I know it sounds a little bit silly but sporting really makes me feel good and energetic. I try to run at least once a week and sometimes my brother runs with me and I really like that, because we always make a lot of fun and he is better than me so he pushes me to keep going and I feel really happy when I come home and that I did it!

4. Reading. A good book really makes me happy. I love the books when you can’t stop reading because it is so exciting. Reading relaxes me and with music on I really love it.

5. Read blogs. It really makes me happy to read other blogs or watch vlogs and get inspiration from them. We are all together and we all get inspiration from eachoter. I love to see what other people do and what they wear. They inspire me to read a book or watch a movie. I always get inspired and I always want to go outside and make some lovely photos.

6 Photography. It can be a lot of diffent kind of photos. I like to make beauty photos but I also really like to go outside and make pictures of the beautiful things around me.

7. Movies or series. Thank God there is internet, because else we couldn’t watch our favourite movies and series. That feeling that you’re all into the story and that you don’t want to stop watching. I love a good movie. They can make your day. When you come home from school or work and you made your homework you just want a nice movie on the tv and get really happy from them.

8. Blogging. I really like blogging. I don’t blog for a long time but I really like it. I always liked writing and now I can share with all of you makes me really happy. It is challenging with my schoolwork but when I get a nice comment from you it makes me so happy and pushes me to continue my blog.

9. School. Now you’re all like WHAT?! But with school I mostly mean the people. I don’t see my friends a lot next to school so we always have a lot of fun during the classes but also the people who aren’t my friends but who I talk to make me really happy. So I mostly like the people at the school. I don’t like the homework and stress for our exams.

10. Travelling. Because I am still at school and I am only sixteen years old (almost 17 :D) I can’t travel all around the world but with school we went to Amsterdam and Den Haag. Maybe we go to Köln or at the end of the year Berlin. I even have plans to go on a holiday with my friends. It makes me really happy to discover new places and make memories there that I will never forget. Hopefully I get the chance to travel a lot in the future because it makes me so happy to go to new places, meet new people and make a lot of photos.

That were my 10 things that make me happy. Let me know what makes you happy.

Lots of love,



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