Shopping haul

Hi everybody,

Yesterday I went shopping and I tought it would be nice to share it with you.

The first shop is Sisters and it was the first time that I went there. It is a little shop in Veldhoven and they sell really pretty clothes. I really love this jacket with the fake leather. The shirt looks coral but it is bright pink. I really like the details on the shoulder and it will be really pretty in the summer. The other one looks so pretty and it is really different and I absolutely like it.

The left top is from H&M and it is a really pretty sporting top for the summer. I know it isn’t summer yet but I already bought a lot of summer stuff but I think you can wear it with a vest or cardican over it. The right sweater is from Vero Moda and the colour is so pretty. I tried it on and I loved it so much. I had to have it.

The last shop is Primark. I bought two shirts. I really like them both because on the left one is Londen and I only went there once but I really loved it so this shirt is nice to wear as a basic. I also really right one because of the girl with the camera. It is a little bit boring because it is black and white but I will spice it up with some colourfull accessories. The last piece is this dungaree. I think it is so cool for the summer time with a nice neon shirt and I absolutely love it.

This was my shoplog. I hope you liked it.

Lots of love,



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