My parfume collection

Hi everybody,

I really like parfume and I wear it almost every day so I tought it would be nice to show you which ones are my favourite.

Mexx Fresh: It is the first parfume that I ever bought and I really loved it. I don’t really wear it often because I like my other ones more.

Kruidvat Rose: It is a really big bottle and I have it for a long time and I am almost halfway. I really like it but when you spray it there comes out a lot so sometimes it is too much.

H&M Body Splash Cashmere: It isn’t really a parfume but it smells really nice but I don’t wear it often, because it isn’t a parfume but it is a big bottle so I will have it for a long while.

Mexx Energetic: this is a mini parfume and I got it from my last birthday. I really love the smell and I like the size of it because I can take it really easy with me to school after gym. It is almost empty and I might buy a bigger new one but that depends what I get for my birthday next month.

Giorgio Beverly Hills: I absolutely love this parfume. It smells so good. I also really love the bottle and I don’t have it really long but it is almost half empty. When I used this one up I will absolutely get a new one.

Beyoncé Heat Rush: this is absolutely my favourite parfume. I bought this only a month ago and I don’t want to use it too much because I am afraid that it will be emtpy too soon. But I will get a new one because it smells so good.

That were my parfumes. I don’t have really expensive ones because I can’t afford them but maybe after my birthday. I hope you liked it. What is your favourite parfume?

Lots of love,



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