Rimmel lasting finish lipstick

Hi everybody,

Today I have a review for you and it is my favourite lipstick of the moment. It is the Rimmel lasting finish lipstick in the colour 120 Cutting Edge.

lipstick, candy jar, boeken 003

This is how it looks like and the colour is so pretty. It is this really purpel redish colour and it a really pretty fall colour but I bought it recently and I tought why can’t I wear it in the winter or summer time? So I bought it.

lipstick, candy jar, boeken 002

lipstick, candy jar, boeken 001

This is the back of the lipstick with the colour cutting edge and on the right the pretty simple but pretty design. You can’t really see it but it is a mix of purple red and brown and it sounds really weird but I really like the colour.

lipstick, candy jar, boeken 006

And this is how it looks like when I have it on. It is beautiful dark red/purple and I think it is really pretty. It is daring but I would just wear it in the weekend when I will be doing something with my friends or just for myself. I wouldn’t wear it to school but you can put it on to school but then you must be sure that your outfit isn’t too extreme because else it can be too much.

The lipstick stays in place for a while, after you ate something you have to apply it again but it stays in place pretty well and I really like the texture of it. It isn’t too creamy but it isn’t too dry. I really like it but if you want a little bit more moisture you can apply an lipbalm under the lipstick or after you applied the lipstick for a little bit more gloss.

I hope you liked it and I will see you soon.

Lots of love,



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