Hello February

Hi everybody,

I wanted to post this yesterday but I had some difficulties with my laptop. Today I will tell you what I will be doing in February!


I love the month February. On the 17th is my birthday! Only 15 days left and then I will be 17 at the 17th. I am really excited for my birthday because I finally get my new laptop and all of my friends will be together and we will have a good time. I am not sure when because Nancys birthday is on the 18th and we don’t want to hold it on the same day.

February will be a crazy month for me. My exams are getting closer and closer and there is so much to do. I have to study but I have to finish our big project about the influence  of the photograpy. It is really interesting but it is a lot of work. I still have to read a lot of books for my German class and I have to finish my book reports. All together from now to the summer vacation will be crazy. I have to deside what I want to study after High School and if I want to go on a holiday alone to Scotland. I am not sure about that but I really want to go to Scotland so I probably go. I am really excited for the holiday because it means that I will have my diploma if everything goes allright…

I have a lot to do but there will be some fun things too. I will be going to Köln one day with school and tomorrow I go iceskating with some friends. February will bring some fun things but school will be the most important. I hope  you understand that I don’t have the time to blog three times a week but I will try! I hope this hasn’t bored you but I tought I tell you what is going on in my life right now. What will February bring to you? Let me know it the comments.

Lots of love,



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