What to do on valentine?

Hi everybody,

Valentines day. You love it or hate it, but I have some ideas about what you can do with or without your lover.

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Watch a movie: there are so many movies that you will always find a movie for you or your boyfriend. You can watch a movie at home but you can go to the cinema with your lover or just with your friends. Who knows who you will meet there.

Go iceskating: I really like iceskating and I think it is the perfect thing to do with your boyfriend because he can protect you from falling. And it is a good excuse to be really close to eachoter because it is really cold in there!

Have a sleepover: when you don’t have a boyfriend you will always have your bestfriends. You can watch some movies or series and eat a lot of popcorn. Just have a nice time before everybody has a boyfriend and don’t spent time with you anymore.

Go to the zoo: when you like to go outside but not too active you can go to the zoo. Just hold hands when you watch the monkeys and other animals in there.

Cook together: I know it sounds a little bit boring but cookings is a lot of fun. When you cooked the meal you can eat it together with some candles and make it really romantic.

Just have fun. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as both of you like it and for the singles out there. Don’t feel bad because you don’t have anyone. Your time will come and for now just have a realaxed day and pamper yourself. Have a happy valentines day!

Lots of love,



Een gedachte over “What to do on valentine?

  1. Hilde zegt:

    Lovely ideas! :)
    My boyfriend and I are probably going to cook together and watch a nice movie :) Unfortunately not on Friday haha because he has a recital that evening :p

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