It’s my birthday!

Hi everybody,

It’s my birthday! I am officially 17 now and I had an amazing day! My friends are the best because they had an amazing surprise and it was delicous

verjaardag school ballon 3

They got me 17 balloons and a cake! These are my friends: Berend, Cynthia, Fenna, me, Joyce and Nancy. My friend Yvonne took the picture and it was her idea so thank you Yvonne! You all are amazing friends!!!

verjaardag school ballon en taart 1

They wrote me this amazing card and they bought a delious chocolate mouse cake!

After school I had to take the balloons with me on my bike! A lot of people looked at me but I will probably never see them again. I went to my dad and he laughed at me really loud but he tought it was really sweet of them. I ate there another piece of cake. Yes I had a lot of cake today. We talked about how old I am! I am already seventeen and the time goes so fast!

Then I went to my mothers house and we got Chinees and it was really nice. I went running with my brother and it went pretty well.

When I came home there was another cake! I ate a lot of cake but they all were delicious!! I made a wish and I hope this year will be amazing!

I hope you had a wonderful day!

Lots of love,




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