What I got for my birthday

Hi everybody,

I got a lot for my birthday and I tought it would be nice to share it with you. You might get some inspiration from it for your friends.


I got delicious bread from my friend. Her mother made it for me! I also got some candles and some sweets.


I got this douche relaxing set and this is a gift that you can give to everybody. Just ask which smell they like. I got lavender because it is really relaxing and it also has a beautiful candle. This set is from Tuinen and I really like it. My showergel is almost empty so I can use these ones and I can take a relaxing bath.


I love these cozy socks!! They are so soft and warm! I got two bracelets and a anti stress facemask. I haven´t used it yet so I can´t review it. The chocolate was really nice. We ate it at school with the cake.

DSCN0775This is all the makeup that I got. Two lipsticks, nailpolish, nailstickers, lipgloss, nivea, eyeshadow and an eyepencil. Makeup is always a good present for a girl. You never have enough makeup! I really love all the makeup and I will review some of them soon.

DSCN0776I also got some cards and the Glamour magazine. I really like cards, because they are personal. You open a gift and you use it and when it is empty you throw it away but you can always read cards and remember the persons who wrote them.

That were all the presents I got from my friends. I also got some money and from my parents I got a new laptop from Toshiba. I am really happy with. I also got a fitnessball and some beautiful flowers from my dad.

I hope you have some new ideas. I am really happy with all my presents so all I want to say is thank you!

Lots of love,



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