10 to 1 tag

Hi everybody,

Last week I saw this tag on http://www.beautylab.nl/new-week/ and I tought it would be nice to do this tag so you can get to know me better.


10 things about myself:

  • My name is Eline Oosterbosch
  • I come from The Netherlands
  • I am 1.60 m
  • I have a brother, Thomas
  • I play keyboard and piano
  • I really like to sing
  • I figure skated for eight years
  • I love listening to music with some hot chocolate
  •  My favourite serie at the moment is The Vampire Diariese
  •  My friends call me Elniño

9 things I like:

  • Playing the piano
  • Singing
  • Watch movies and series
  • Go out for a run
  • Game with my brother
  • Take pictures with my friends
  • Walk in the mountains
  • Sit in the sun
  • Have fun with my friends

8 things I don’t like:

  • Really loud people
  • People who think they are funny but they aren’t
  • War
  • Burned food
  • People who smoke right next to you
  • Wake up really early and realise it is weekend
  • Rain and a strong wind
  • People who talk bad about you when they know you can hear them

7  places I like to come:

  • My mothers house
  • My dads house
  • The park
  • Antwerpen, I love to shop there
  • My friends house, their family is really nice
  • Austria, I love to walk there in the mountains
  • School, because I see my friends there everyday, Not the homework :(

6 ways to win my heart:

  • Be kind
  • Be funny
  • We can talk about anything
  • Be sportive
  • Be interested in me
  • Be real

5 places I want to go:

  • New York
  • London
  • Norway
  • Scotland
  • Rome

4 things or persons I can not live without:

  • My mother, father and brother
  • All of my friends
  • Music
  • Writing and reading

3 favourite songs:

  • Counting Stars, OneRepublic
  • Everybody Hurts, Losing My Religion, R.E.M.
  • Demons, Imagine Dragons

2 wishes:

  • Be healthy
  • Grow old

1 last word or sentence

  • Be happy and believe in yourself.

I hope you liked this tag and that you got to know me a little bit better.

Lots of love,




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