HEMA Moisturising Lipstick

Hi everybody,

I got these lipsticks for my birthday and I really like them. They are from the HEMA and the colours are really pretty.


I have two colors. The left one is a dark red colour and the left is a beautiful pink.

DSCN0856 DSCN0850

The packaging is really normal, black with white letters. On the right you see the colors. They look a little bit dirty but that are my fingerprints on the packaging.

DSCN0855I have the colour 06 and 03. I always like it when the lipsticks have names but the HEMA didn´t do that.

DSCN0869This is the pink one.


This is the red one.

I really like these lipsticks because they shine really nice and they stay really long. I don´t think they are moisturising because they don´t moisture my lips. They aren´t really creamy and I would wear a lipbalm underneath it. But these lipsticks are really nice if you don´t like really bright colours and you like shiny lipsticks. I wouldn´t reconmend it if you´re searching for a really moisturising lipstick. They cost 3 euros so they are really cheap.

Lots of love,



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