Trip to Köln

Hi everybody,

Friday I went to Köln in Germany with out German class from our school. I had an amazing time and I tought it would be nice to share it with you!


This are my friends. Nancy, Joyce and Fenna. This was in our lunchbreak at the Dom. We ate some food and visited some shops.


This is the Dom from Köln and it is really high. The stairs has 509 steps. It was really high and when we finally reached the top we were exhausted but it was worth it. The view was really pretty!

DSCN0887 DSCN0886 DSCN0895

The view was beautiful and our teacher took a picture from us together.


The bridge with all the locks. It is just like the bridge in Paris but this one isn’t that popular.


Next to the bridge stood this sculpture and I tought it was really funny.


The famous view from Köln with the bridge and the Dom. It wasn’t that sunny so the pictures is a little bit dark.


And another picture from us. The bridge was the last thing we had to do with our class so our free time started. We walked back and we went shopping! I didn’t bought a lot but some lovely pieces. I bought a shirt with rock on it and a beautiful blazer from H&M. I also got some make-up from P2. If you would like to see a shoplog from it or a fashion post please let me know in the comments.

We ate in a lovely restraunt but I didn’t took any pictures in there, because we were exhausted and we just wanted to eat. We all got an amazing salad. The dressing was delicious and we had to order a Wienerschnitzel with Pommes (fries). It tasted really good! Then we had to go back to the meeting place because we were going home :(

Our trip to Köln was really nice. I had a lot of fun. It was too bad that it rained when we went back. But it is Holland so we could have expected that. We had an amazing time and we practiced our German. It is a really nice city to visit if you want to shop. In May there will be a Primark. It is really pretty and right now there is Carnaval. Everybody put one crazy costumes and mostly get drunk. We saw a lot of strange costumes. Right now my carnavals vacation started. I have one week off!! But I have to learn for my exams that are comming up. I wish you all a nice vacation or good luck at school!!

Lots of love,



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