P2 lipstick, lipliner and blush

Hi everybody,

Last Friday I went to Köln and I bought some new make-up from P2. I never heared from it but I wish that I bought more from them.


The first thing I wanted to show you is this Feel Good Mineral compact blush in the colour 045 Candy Coral. The packaging is really simple but I like it because you can see which colour you will be using.


A close up. I love this colour. I was searching for a new blush and I couldn’t find the right colour but I love this pink coral colour. It is perfect for the spring and it looks really natural. It isn’t super pigmented but for a blush it isn’t a big problem because now you can add the right layers and you don’t look like a clown if you’re a little bit enthousiastic.


The next thing is this lipliner in the colour 149 dancing girl and I really like the names of these products. It is a darker pink but I am still looking for some good lipliners so if you have some reconmendations please leave a comment.

DSCN0928 DSCN0931





I don’t use the brush because I don’t use a lipbrush for my lipstick because they get sticky and I cleaning them doesn’t always work really well but maybe I will use it when I want my lipstick to look perfect.


I also got another lipstick and I have a lot of lipsticks right now. The packaging is pretty normal but it is the Pure Colour lipstick.


I have the colour 105 in Bondi Beach.


I really love this colour. It is really pigmented and I love the shade. I didn’t owned this colour so I am really happy I bought it for that price. I don’t know how much it costs and I lost the recieve but it wasn’t higher then 4 euros.

DSCN0943This is the completed look. I am wearing the lipstick and the blush. I really like this brand and for that price! I bought a lot of pink but I really like that for the spring.

Lots of love,



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