Tips when you’re feeling sick

Hi everybody,

I haven’t blogged a lot this week because I was really sick but now I am feeling better (sort of) and I wanted to share some tips for when you’re sick or down.

tissue box

Use tissues when you’re feeling sick or down because you don’t want it all over your face. I found these cute tissueboxes and they just look a little bit cuter then the normal ones. Don’t forget to use vaseline or another moisturising product on your nose because else it can get really red and painful.

Your bed is your best friend because you need to rest when you’re sick. When you’re feeling a little bit down you can just disapear under the blankets. It is so warm and comfy. You don’t want to leave your bed!

Watch movies When I feel down or sick I can’t sleep all the time so I watched a lot of movies last week. I can reconmend Frozen and Camp Takota. They are really funny and I really liked watching them. You can also go on YouTube or listen to some music.

Read I know it is hard to read when you’re feeling sick because I couldn’t concentrate at all but when I am feeling down I like to read because I can escape from my world to the fantasy world and I can relax.

Eat healthy when you’re sick. I like to eat a lot of fruit because they are really good for you and they taste really nice. They aren’t really sweet or filling so it’s not that you’re eating a lot. The vitamins are really good for you’re body.

Hydrate soup is amazing when you’re sick. When I am sick I don’t like to drink anything else except soup because the rest tastes really weird and water is boring so I like to drink a lot of soup because you need to drink and it is really jummy! I like tomato or chicken soup with a cracker or bread but when you’re not really a soup lover you can also drink tea.

Moisturize your skin. My skin gets really dry when I am sick so I like to moisturize my face and the rest of my skin. I like to use my nivea sensitive day creme and the bodyshop bodybutter.

That were my tips. When you’re feeling down always talk to someone or write it down because it really helps. I hope my tips were usefull.

Lots of love,



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