Action Moisturizing lipgloss

Hi everyody,

I got these lipglosses for my birthday and I tought I review them for you because the are budgetproof.


I have two colours. No 24 Grape and No 2 Shiny Pink. The packaging is really simple so  you can see the colours really well. They look alright but I don’t really like the black letters.

010The applicator is really simple.

011They are really pigmented and I really like the red colour.


This is the pink one. It is really shiny and glossy and from a distance it looks alright.

017And this is the red one. It is a lovely colour and it is really pigmented. This one is a little bit less shiny but it looks nice.

I am not really enthousiastic about these lipglosses. The pink one didn’t covered my lips really well. It didn’t looked natural at all but I really like the red one. It is really pigmented and you can wear it without a lipstick. Especially the pink one you should wear over a lipstick because else it looks really weird. I don’t love these lipglosses but it is just the Action. I really like the red one but I wouldn’t reconmend it if you want a lipgloss that you can wear without a lipstick. They are really shiny and they smell really nice. They aren’t really moisturizing so I would wear a lipbalm with it.

Lots of love,



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