Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Good morning everybody. I’ll just get to the point. I finally got the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush! I am so happy. I searched everywhere to find a cheap stippling brush or a round foundation brush but they were really expensive and I didn’t want to buy one online because I had no idea which one. But when my friend Megan went to England I asked her to bring the Expert Face Brush and I don’t regret it a moment.

Expert Face Brush

I love this brush. It applies my make-up really nice and it is really soft. My make-up looks a lot more natural ^^It blends really nice and it doesn’t look weird at all.

005If you’re looking for a nice foundation brush I would reconmend it. I almost bought another one online but I heared a lot of good things about this brush so when my friend Megan went to England I asked her to buyit for me and she did! If you’re considering  buying a Real Techniques brush you can buy it on I can’t describe how much I love this brush and I don’t regret it at all. It isn’t expensive at all so that is really nice.

I hope you all have a nice weekend!

Lots of love,



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