The fault in our stars

boek, nagel, primer, notitie 005Yay it is finally weekend! For me that is the time I read a nice book. Trough the week I can’t find the time to read but in the weekend I like to start my day with a nice book. The last two weeks I read The fault in our stars from John Green and I love this book so much!

I got this book from my dad. I didn’t exactly knew what it was about but I saw a lot of pictures of this book on Tumblr and Weheartit. I was very excited to read it because I hoped that it was just as good as I tought, and it was! I freaking love this book. It is beautifully written and it hit me on the first page. I wanted to keep reading and I did.  I read the all day. Oops. When I was at school or at work I tought Yes when I come home I can read. I didn’t do that because I had to make my homework but in the weekends I read like a crazy person. I have the English version so for me it was a little bit difficult to understand everything but I still love this book! It has humor and I love the style from John Green. I can’t wait to read another book from him because this one was so good!!

boek, nagel, primer, notitie 009

Did you read this book or do you have any reconmendations for me?

Lots of love,



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