Girls night

sleepoverEvery girl needs a girls night once in a while. We all  have to relax and the best way to do that is to have a girls night.

Two weeks ago me and my friends had one. We all brought some food and we had dinner together. After that we watched a movie, Catching Fire. Every one left except Nancy. We talked for a long time and then when we couldn’t stay awake anymore we finally went to bed. It was so much fun. We really needed a night just with friends. We just finished our examweek and we were exhausted. A girls night is just a nice way to relax with friends. Here are some things you can do:

Cook/eat we all brought something. I made pasta the others brought the drinks and chips. It isn’t that expensive as long as everybody brings something. Joyces nasi was delicious.

Watch a movie we watched Catching Fire but watching a movie in general with friends is so much fun. We don’t have to be ashamed when we look at that cute guy.

Sleepover is so much fun. You can talk all night and share all your secrets. I don’t really understand why it’s called a sleepover because most of the time you’re not sleeping.

Cinema Saturday I went with some friends to Divergent and it was amazing! But it is really nice to go to the movie with some friends. You don’t have to go with girls you can also go with a mixed group. It is just really nice to watch the movie and talk trough everything afterwards.

Bowling with Joyces birthday we went bowling and omg it was so much fun. Everybody was competitive but in a good way. Yay I won the second time. It is just a nice way to be active but you still can talk a lot.

Play games it is so much fun just to play old games. We played scrupules and it is a really weird game. You have to answer a lot of really strange and sometimes awkward questions but we had a lot of fun. You can also play Sims of play a game on the Wii or just paly cards.


I hope you got some inspiration from my tips and a girls night is just a lovely way to relax and have a lot of fun.

Lots of love,



5 gedachtes over “Girls night

  1. Grumzz zegt:

    Goed idee! Ook leuk te combineren met een high tea; als iedereen dan in een voedsel/suikercoma is kun je lekker blijven slapen! En de volgende ochtend ontbijten met de leftovers :P (eventueel daarna samen lekker sporten xD)

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