Mini Kruidvat haul


I got some new make-up from Kruidvat and I tought it would be nice to show you.

Essence CC creme: I heared a lot of positive things about this and I tought I try it because it has spf 30 so it is great for the summer time and for when I go to Rome.

Essence get big lashes mascara: I needed a new mascara and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money yesterday so I picked a nice colour. It is kinda bad to choose a mascara because of the packaging but I really like the colour purple so I will see how this one works out for me.

Essence all about nude: I heard so much good things about this that I had to try it myself and I am really excited to try this one and make some new looks with it.

Catrice all matt plus powder: I dropped my other powder so I definitely needed a new one and I already got a Catrice powder so I bought it again because I really like this powder and it is super inexpensive.

Catrice Lash brow designer: it is a transparant eyebrow gel and I have pretty full eyebrows so I don’t really nead a pencil but they can go kinda crazy so I tought I try this gel and I hope it does the job well.

Catrice Liquid Liner: I still needed a new eyeliner and I wanted to try something new so I got this one and I am verry excited to try it and I hope I will be able to wear eyeliner without looking like a crazy person.

NL: Gister was er een actie bij de Kruidvat en ik dacht ik laat even zien wat ik gekocht heb. Ik heb eigenlijk alleen maar spullen van Essence en Catrice gekocht, omdat ik dat hele fijne merken vind en ik wilde niet teveel uitgeven. Ik ben heel benieuwd naar hoe sommige spullen eruit komen te zien en welke ik fijn vind en welke niet.

Of which product would you like to see a review?


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